BlueBird Blue SNOGO BIKE 2018/2019 Edition

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The 2019 Sno-Go bikes have undergone even more tweaks and upgrades since the 2018 model. The result? We dropped a whopping four pounds from the frame all while making a more responsive bike that connects you to the mountain with improved control.

  • Powder Coated Matte Paint Finish with Updated 2019 Graphics -Available in Bluebird Blue or Glacier Grey.
  • Fork: 2019 Rockshox Judy- Turnkey Lockout, External Rebound adjustment- 120mm Travel
  • Stem: Adjustable Height 90mm Length- Easily Adjust for Riders 5’2” – 6’1”
  • Skis: 75cm Front 90cm Back- Full wood Core with Full Steel Edges. Updated custom Sno-Go Graphics
  • Improved Front Ski Tracking-Spring Allowing for Smaller Bump Sensitivity While Strong Enough for Those Big-Hits in the Park
  • Safety Leash: 7mm Coil with Break-Away Technology
  • Grips: Lock on, Ergonomic Palm Rest
  • Bindings: Newly Improved Adjustable Height Binding for Riders Looking for a Tighter Fit. Adjustable Front and Back to Accommodate Riders of Different Height and Shoe Size
  • 6061 Aluminum Handlebars. 630mm Wide, 33mm Rise
  • Total weight: 33lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Awesome purchase experience

The purchasing and delivery was as fast and easy as one could have hope for. I'm taking it out on Saturday so we will see what my first experience is like.

Most fun on a mountain in years!

I've been skiing for over 40 years and I love it. I've been mountain biking for about 6 years now and I love that. Sno Go allowed me to combine both my passions, on one machine. It is amazingly fun. I can't say enough good things about it and could go on and on with a lengthy review. The reality though is you need to just do it. You'll be glad that you did! I will mention one cool fact about the Sno Go is that you don't have to be skilled at skiing or biking. While it is the perfect blend of the two, it is also far easier to pick up than either one. For experience skiers, boarders or bikers don't let that deter you. You can definitely shred on the Sno Go. For new riders, it's smooth and easy to learn on. It can also be a great way to get someone, who has no interest in learning to ski or board or who has a previous injury, to join you on the mountain.
If you a have a chance, test one out. If that's not possible, don't fear just outright buying one. You will not be disappointed!

Snogo got me back on slopes

I love winter and the winter sports and I was an avid Snowboarder since I was in my teens. 28 years later snowboarding is too hard on my body and I ended up not enjoying winter sports. I got to demo one of these bikes at Brighton and I was hooked! I’m back on the slopes enjoying winter again!

Sno-Go or Die! Best Ski Bike!

Best Company and Best Customer Service! Easy to ride! I hadn't been skiing for over 10 years so I was a little nervous to try these out but I was able to pick it up in just 1 run. So easy to ride my wife and I now go at least once a week. The bike handles great and able to off jumps with ease. Getting older it's nice to ride all day then wake up the next day and not be sore. I highly recommend the Sno-Go to everybody.

Assembly and Resorts Acceptance

Hi two points
1. The Sno-go comes un-assembled and I have to assemble it. This is daunting to me. It should have come pre-assembled in the 3 detachable sections

2. I bought the Sno-go for Europe. On my return here I find that the acceptance of the Sno-go is limited on resorts and I am not sure where to use it.